Endodontic Bleaching

If your tooth has become discoloured, we are experts in restoring the natural colour of the tooth and returning confidence to your smile through internal bleaching or endodontic bleaching.

Registered Endodontist and DA with Patient

It is not unusual for an injured tooth to discolour. This discolouration may occur immediately after the injury, but sometimes develops weeks or even months after the trauma. This delayed discolouration following trauma is caused by pigments leaking from the damaged pulp into the dentine or body of the tooth. Adult teeth may also emerge discoloured if trauma occurred while the tooth was still developing.

While endodontic treatment will take care of the root cause of the discolouration, it won’t resolve the discolouration itself. Instead, internal bleaching or endodontic bleaching can be used to restore the tooth to its natural colour from the inside. This is in contrast with other tooth-whitening procedures or products which only temporarily whiten the tooth from the outside.

Endodontic bleaching involves inserting a bleaching agent into the hole used for the original endodontic treatment. A temporary filling seals the hole and the bleaching agent is left for a number of days. For this reason, this technique is sometimes referred to as the walking bleach technique. This internal bleaching procedure may need to be repeated until the preferred tooth colour is achieved. If the tooth has a complex filling, it might need to be replaced once bleaching has been completed and you would return to your regular dentist for this.

If you are unsure about the cause of a discoloured tooth or are not happy with its appearance, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team to arrange a consultation or request an appointment. We’re here to help.